We are D. Allison Prowell & Company

D. Allison Prowell & Company a well experienced law firm in Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago, highly respected in the legal industry. We were established over 3 decades ago. With experience and practice we have evolved into a unique family of attorneys providing a seamless continuum of legal services to a plethora of clients with varying needs and budgets.

We have well experienced panel of lawyers those who are specialized in different legal subjects such as Family, Divorce, Property Law, Property Settlement (male), Company Law, Real Estate Administration, Wills, Trusts, Civil, Arbitration, Mediation etc with different courts in Trinidad and Tobago.

We take the provision of a good service very seriously. Our clients choose us for our reputation and excellent track record. They stay with us because of our integrity, our open-minded and professional manner, and the care through strategising, planning and preparation that we commit into their matters for their success.

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