D. Allison Prowell & Company provides private alternative dispute resolution services to help resolve conflicts as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Because of our extensive litigation experience in highly emotional cases, we understand the significance of trying to resolve matters without resorting to a trial. We provide alternative dispute resolution services for all kinds of disputes. Most often, our clients are seeking assistance in resolving a conflict over a will, trust, or a family law matter.

When treating with family law (divorce, custody, or partnership dissolutions), we focus on getting agreements in a structured process that minimises stress and conflict. When children are involved, we focus on developmentally appropriate and practical plans that are in the best interest of the child. We also mediate the financial aspects of divorce, including the distribution of assets and debts, as well as reaching agreement on the amount of child or spousal support.

As attorneys we can draft all of the paperwork necessary to finalise a settlement agreement between parties. We will work with parties whether they represent themselves or have attorneys.