Our divorce lawyers In Port of Spain provides services for Pre and Post Nuptial agreements, Paternity, Divorce; Property Settlement; Injunctions and Exclusion orders, Spousal and child Support.

We welcome overseas clients and guide our clients through every step of the complicated divorce process. We give our clients the answers they need to understand their case. Below, we have compiled a list of common questions that we get at our firm.

I am thinking of getting a divorce. Do I need a lawyer?

While you do not need to have an attorney it is recommended that you do, because divorce can be stressful and complex. Your attorney-at law can guide you through your disputes, disagreements, and to make sure that you walk away from the divorce with your fair share of assets and property.

How is property divided in a divorce?

In Trinidad the court considers many factors in determining how to divide property, assets and matrimonial debts. This does not mean that property division is split in half, but that it is divided according to what is fair in the eyes of the law.

How will child custody be determined?

Custody is determined by looking at the best interests of the child, including arrangements that maintain and foster a healthy relationship with both parents. Frequent contact between a child and his or her parent is encouraged because it promotes stability for the child. But there are exceptions, such as if one parent is not deemed fit for custody.

How much does divorce cost?

Divorce costs vary depending on the quantum and complexity of the matter.