Christiane Prowell

Innovative attorney with wide experience who do develop creative and fruitful strategies against cases and writing persuasive briefs. She is capable to analyze the client's complex cases with its optimized approach and bring appropriate solutions.Detail oriented, conscientious and organised with commendable experience achieving favourable outcomes in litigation. Well versed in trial preparation, research and drafting legal documents. Tackles cases with tenacity and an analytical mind. Avid Pilot with a strong interest in Aviation Law.

Jameela Prowell Raphael

Bilingual Spanish/English speaking Attorney at law who passionately represents her client's interests, working diligently to analyse case merits, minimize risk and propel positive resolutions. Laudable success in achieving, no-fault outcomes, advantageous settlements and favourable court orders particularly in divorces and property settlement litigation. Versatile and resourceful possessing advanced certification in Caribbean Integration and International Treaties. Good Track record and interest in social issues.

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